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Born in 1976 in Nantes (France).
Lives and works in Boulogne-sur-mer and in Lille (France).



Aurélien Maillard combines a resolutely minimal formal vocabulary with craft-like gestures and practices. He gives his works an ambiguous status between industrial production with an impeccable finish and sensitive objects invested with a spiritual dimension. In his Impact series, the artist gradually reveals the slow, patient construction behind the fluidity of the trace of a gesture deeply engraved in the material.

Aurélien Maillard's 'Impacts' series are ambiguous sculptures. At first glance, they appear to be scratches, incisions, blows delivered with force to the picture rail of the exhibition space. The viewer immediately perceives the form as the result of the violent imprint of a spontaneous gesture. With hindsight, the clarity of the shape, the absence of rubble and above all the scale of this 'impact' are intriguing. What body, what tools could have so graphically damaged the partitions? What silent rage could have motivated such an assault? Gradually, we can make out the simulation, the slow, patient construction behind the fluidity of the trace of a gesture deeply inscribed in the material and at the same time completely virtual. The impacts are real sculptural trompe-l'œil, playing on immediate seduction to provoke further reflection.


The term "impact", literally, refers to the violence of physical contact on a body. The impact of a bullet, the deadly impact of a bomb. The word is also used in other wars, such as those waged by the media. Polls are used to measure the impact on public opinion of slogans, images, messages or marketing concepts. It's no longer a question of hitting bodies, but minds and consciences, to leave a decisive mark on the political, economic or artistic battle ahead... Aurélien Maillard's impacts are reminiscent of the brutal hyper-competitiveness of contemporary society. The impacts show a violence elevated to the level of graphic abstraction, the objectified presence of which can be chilling.


The impacts also recall a very primitive gesture of self-assertion, of aggressive or loving appropriation of a space: engraving a sign on a surface to leave a trace of a passage, of a presence in the world. The parietal engravings in the Rouffignac cave and the graffiti photographed by Brassaï bear witness to the universality of this gesture. In his impacts, Aurélien Maillard fuses the impetus of a primitive gesture with the sophistication of a simulation of a random phenomenon that looks as if it has been plucked straight out of three-dimensional modelling software. As in Stanley Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey, the origins of man meet the complexity of technology in a dizzying synthesis for the viewer to contemplate.


The "impact" is not just "aggressive", it's also seductive. Each piece is carefully crafted. The artist's almost artisanal gesture - precise and precious - patiently builds the illusion of the trace of another gesture as fluid as it is virtual, like Roy Lichtenstein's Brushstrokes. But far from the ironic objectification of the American artist, the impacts exude a rock energy, a libidinal investment, a sexy groove that spreads across the walls of a lovingly ransacked white cube. The incision of the support, as in Lucio Fontana's paintings, is an operation with quite obvious sexual connotations. The presence of these powerful virtual imprints that are the impacts reminds us of what we perhaps are: infinitely sophisticated beings driven by ageless fears and impulses. In a world as sanitised and controlled as never before, the accidental presence of life in the universe remains an unfathomable gap, an infinite source of questioning and contemplation. And that's what Aurélien Maillard's "impacts" are all about.


Né en 1976 à Nantes.

Vit et travaille à Boulogne-sur-mer et à Lille.



Pervasive patterns, Galerie Bacqueville, Lille, France


Storage, Galerie Francis Carrette, Brussels, Belgium

Lying there like you're tame, Galerie Bacqueville, Lille, France

Aurélien Maillard, Galerie Franzis Engels, Amsterdam, Netherlands


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I love America, portes ouvertes Paris Belleville, Paris, France


Paris Contemporary Art Show, Le Carreau du Temple, Paris, France

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Range of Beauty, a secularized modern legacy, Galerie Bacqueville, Lille, France

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Kunst Rai Art, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Shelters, La Montagne, Lavallée, Brussels, Belgium

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Framework, by Welchrome, Public Pool #3, Frac Grand Large - Hauts-de-France

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Cologne Art Fair, Cologne, Germany

Garden Party, by Welchrome, Château d'Hardelot, Condette, France

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Sea you soon, exposition Welchrome, quai Gambetta, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France

Balises urbaines, commande publique pour Welchrome, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France



L'équilibre des forces, avec le soutien de La Malterie, Centre d'art de Wazemmes, Lille, France

La nuit de l'archi, Tournai, Belgium


Diorama, artiste invité pour la 5° édition du Boulevard Sainte Beuve, Boulogne-sur-Mer, France


Jeune Création, le 104, Paris, France

Just an illusion, Centre G. Philipe, Calais, France




Fabienne Bideaud, à propos de l'exposition "Pervasive patterns"


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Coffret édition de l'exposition Phenomena


Lying there like you're tame, Nicolas Valains

Escaping the frame : the art of destruction, Jade Cuttle


Contre l'aliénation du regard, Florian Gaité


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Diorama par Aurélien Maillard. Causeries du Boulevard, Amirama 5. Éditions du Sagittaire

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Fonds documentaire Nord Artistes

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