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How and why would you want to balance a painted stone on the edge of a metal blade? It seems to me that this display represents the very essence of Dominic Grisor's work. Everything in his work is a search for balance. Here in an arrangement as unstable as it is improbable; elsewhere between line and surface, relief and plane or figuration and abstraction.

How to hold things together? Haven't I often heard the artist say, when considering one or other of his works: "It holds! It's a fairly common expression among visual artists, but one that takes on a very special meaning for him. Because that's what it's all about: holding things together. Shapes and colours in space first of all, in a sort of clever and magnificent interplay. Or signs and things in the search for subtle symbolic correspondences.

And why do we want to "hold things together"? Because it seems to me that in Dominic Grisor's work there is a stubborn search for relationships and combinations that might reveal something of the world's profound structure. In this way, for him, 'to make fit' would mean tuning into a mysterious order of the universe from which he would get the secret of exercising from a vision. Finally, wanting to "hold things together" because, beyond his images alone, it would also mean maintaining a certain order of things, preventing the world from falling apart.

​Dominique Tourte

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