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Refuge, 2022, 190x240cm, c G LHeureux.jpg



The landscapes painted by Theresa Möller are immobile journeys, towards an undetermined elsewhere, a fantasised nature. Her canvases appear overflowing, saturated with plant motifs and colours, in a complex composition that combines flatness and depth at the same time.

The title of the exhibition - ‘Intrication’ - evokes this complexity, as the lines of force overlap and intertwine. Seen from a distance, a forest forms an imposing block, but opens up the field to aquatic or vaporous surfaces that occupy the 'background' of the image. You then have to get up close and discover the details of the painting: from the foreground to the background, you can make out the sharp strokes, the brushstrokes, the drips, the gradations, the velvety tones and the flat areas that make Theresa Möller's painting so vibrant.

Exhibition from 18 November to 21 January 2023.

Opening on Friday 18 November. 6-9pm.

Theresa Möller_Swamp.JPG

A Wander in the wilderness

"A wander in the wilderness is what my first experience with Theresa Moller's paintings felt like. A journey that took me past many details in textures, shades of light and gradations of colour. As someone who grew up next to the forest and enjoys spending hours in it, 1 feel an immediate connection to Moller's work. We have the opportunity to activate our senses in unforeseen ways when we are a visitor in the forest. Forests are symbioses of different material forces, including plants, trees, insects and other species, which both influence and shape each other. The rela­tional dynamics between each force is important for the coexistence of the forest as a whole. lt is a vibrant space, defined by its harmony within the chaos." [...]

Read the full text of Sarie Nijboer here.

Artwork above:Swamp, 2022. 150 x 190 cm © G. Lheureux

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