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Gautier Deblonde

The photographs that make up the ‘Atelier’ series are like windows that Gautier Deblonde opens onto contemporary creation. Each of these photographs tells us a story, his story, but it also hides from us the rigour of the process that generated it. It all begins with a letter, written by Gautier and addressed to an artist close to his heart. After an initial exchange of letters, one artist set off to meet another artist, and the magic began. Around midday, when the team has left, Gautier takes his place in the studio. He makes it his own in this curious hollow of time, the stasis at the heart of the storm, just after something has happened and just before something else begins.

A single photography will be the final artwork.

One hundred and thirty photographs, one hundred and thirty workshops give substance to this series.

And yet, on closer inspection, it soon becomes clear that this is only the tip of the iceberg. Gautier's practice is not confined to this one series. Films and photographs add to his research into the places where he creates. Thousands of images, both still and moving, have accumulated over the course of these encounters. They are waiting to be discovered or rediscovered by the artist.

This exhibition is an opportunity for him to look back over two decades of creative work and take stock of his oeuvre.

This exhibition has been supported by the Fondation des artistes and the Espace Croisé - Contemporary art centre.

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