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The blast of a nuclear explosion, the bleaching of coral, a house whose foundations are inexorably liquefying, a sandcastle collapsing in black oil... These are all motifs with philosophical, political and ecological messages that the visual artist Malik Mara brings to his first solo show at Galerie Bacqueville.


His paintings and installations speak to us of what underpins our times: short-termism, a system at the end of its rope that has no choice but to rethink itself, and the causal link between our activity - the famous Anthropocene era in which we live - and our environment. Considering the smouldering in an ever-shorter timeframe, we have only one weapon: poetry.


Through the use of unexpected colours to represent atomic clouds, or the use of black and white to de-realise familiar architecture, Malik Mara sublimates these modern motifs through beauty, giving us his poetic vision of disaster, the passage of time and our own finitude.


Exhibition from 30 June to 29 July 2023.


Opening on Friday 30 June. 6pm - 9pm.


Artwork : Redoubt, Quelque part après le vide, 2023. Acrylic on canvas. 200 x 140 cm

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