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In an od to trumpeter Don Cherry's album, released on the prestigious Blue Note Records label in 1967, 'Symphony for Improvisers' presents a selection of overtly musical works by Morgan Dimnet - Qubo Gas.

Conceived as a graphic score, the exhibition deploys a repertoire of abstract forms and a variety of techniques that have been the artist's signature for several years - embossing, watercolour, stencil and collage - and give each piece its own distinctive character. This new exhibition revolves around two visual axes: on the one hand, the Thembi series, a variation based on an improvisational principle borrowed from Free Jazz: after laying down a main theme, Morgan Dimnet empirically composes variations around it. On the other hand, the watercolour 'ribbons', phylacteries unrolled like a magnetic tape where the artist repeats with a pen a series of 'furrows' that saturate the motif. Like music and drawing, Morgan Dimnet's work is all about rhythm and pulse. And infinite playing time.


A limited edition including a 45rpm album by musician Rachel Falafel, the original soundtrack to the exhibition, as well as a series of stencils enabling visitors to create their own record sleeve, will be launched to coincide with the exhibition.

For the opening of "Symphony for Improvisers", Rachel Falafel will be performing the musical theme of this "B.O.F." live at the opening.

Exhibition from 24 May to 24 June 2023.

Opening on Wednesday 24 May. 6-9pm.

Artwork: Thembi, Variation #2 & #3, 2023. Watercolour, embossing and collage on paper. 76 x 56 cm

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