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"Some things are better left unsaid", or to put it another way: perhaps it's better to leave some things unnamed... The sort of shadow boxes that Delage + Olson call "boxes" are the field of expression of the artist duo, their creative base since their beginnings. They are at once the receptacle for photos and objects gleaned from their travels, abstruse geometric shapes, various magnified everyday accessories, naively pious backlit images, a language that owes much to contemporary poetry, and interjections or slogans addressed directly to the viewer.


For them, this mixed language, "said and unsaid", is a way of attracting our attention, generating a certain connivance, notably through the use of humour or irony, and also of putting the most serious subjects at a distance, without avoiding them. In this "space of absolute freedom in which uninhibited desires come out", as Delage defines it, the viewer is free to interpret, to associate form and content, to understand or not understand the indefinable, the magic of the unconscious that irresistibly impels them to create in constantly renewed ways.  


Exhibition from 14 September to 14 October 2023.


Opening on Thursday 14 September. 6.30pm - 8.30pm.


Artwork: One Last Day, 2023. 107 x 66 x 16.5 cm. Birch plywood, glass, acrylic paint, polyester, PMMA and Led tape.

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